Website design for
Web design
Cover to cover design for the Pittsburgh and Central Ohio editions. Look for the new Florida area addition to come!
Cover to cover design for Developing Pittsburgh Magazine. Winner of NAIOP's 2012 Best Communication Tool. The voice of the commercial real estate industry in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
LJ Aviation web design in progress
Siips Wine Bar in Charlottesville, VA brochure design
BreakingGround Magazine center spread design
Cover to cover design for BreakingGround magazine. The first comprehensive source of market information for all professionals in the construction and real estate business in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.
Magazine spread for BreakingGround Magazine
Logo creation and signage for the ToGo shop and The Bakery.
I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to offer free and reduced rate work to local animal shelters. If you are looking to adopt a pet, visit your local shelter. Don't shop at pet stores, their animals come from puppy mills where the animals live in horrendous conditions. Don't purchase from breeders as they subject their animals to the same conditions, using the mother like a machine to turn out puppy after puppy. Give a shelter pet a second chance : )
Campayno Consulting web design
Cover to cover design for the Metroguide Greater Pittsburgh Region magazine. You’ll discover valuable information about Pittsburgh’s economy, healthcare, schools, housing and recreation facilities to assist you in making Pittsburgh your home.
Our family Christmas cards. We love to include our furry kids!
Graphic design for entire publication. Connections Pittsburgh Region. Regional Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory and Regional Data Resource.
Cranberry Park Place web design 2009
Logo design
Robokyo Japanese Steakhouse logo design
Rodney's Restaurant website design, still in production
Cover to cover design for Greater Pittsburgh's NEWHOME magazine. The first comprehensive source of market information for newcomers, current residents as well as all professionals in the residential real estate business for the Greater Pittsburgh area.
Center spread design for Greater Pittsburgh's New Home Magazine
Brochure design for The Bakery at Rodney's
Human Motion Institute. Brochure design for a seminar focusing on team building skills.
Postcard design for Human Motion Institute.
Pittsburgh Jewish Music Festival poster design
Ligonier Construction web design
Logo design
Logo design
Logo design
A before and after photo using Photoshop.
Poster and invite design
Sunflower Suzi children's book, color manipulation
TBI Contracting logo and brochure design
The Bakery at Rodney's logo design
Rodney's Restaurant original web design in 2009

Welcome To My Portfolio

A creative freelance graphic designer with over 20 years experience in developing engaging forms of visual communication. A self starter with a great eye for design, I can be counted on to see a project from conception to completion. Owning a business for over 7 years, I have learned well how to find creative solutions to problems while keeping costs effective, quickly executing projects without sacrificing quality. I am upbeat, respectful of others and hardworking, I balance it all with an easy sense of humor, my clients truly enjoy working with me. I have a dream job, I have caught my very own Lightning in a Bottle.

It is rare that I have bad days at work but if I do, I blow off steam by singing crazy songs to my animals…they seem to like it.